Man earns world record for memorizing deck of cards underwater

A man with an impressive memory broke a Guinness World Record in Florida by memorizing the order of a deck of cards underwater and sorting a second deck into the same order.

Recall master Nelson Dellis memorized the order of the shuffled deck of playing cards while underwater in Miami and then emerged from the water and reorganized a second deck of cards into the same order.

Dellis finished with a time of 2 minutes and 22.53 seconds, earning him the Guinness World Records title for fastest time to arrange a deck of playing cards memorized underwater.

The previous record of 3 minutes and 42.5 seconds was set by Sanchit Sharma of India in 2019.

Dellis said the most difficult part of his attempt was learning to hold his breath for long enough underwater.

“I had to learn a lot and really push my limits to advance that,” he told Guinness.